These Are Some Of The Most Hilarious Engineering Fails Ever

Every building, every institution, every bridge, every street, every dam, every fort, is standing tall is because of the engineers behind it. These engineers works really hard to make these building and roads. They work day and night for us. They have to study hard and work even harder to make a building.

But then there are some engineers who we don’t know how they became an engineer? They are a shame in the name of ‘engineers’.

Here, we bring you some disappointing yet hilarious images of the ‘engineers fail’ that will make you laugh and do ‘facepalm’ at the same time. Have a look:

  1. Whoever wrote the name of the building was dumb af :

2. What was he thinking before making this shit:

3.Faceplam*100 times :

4. Eww, look at the design, only dirty minds will get this one :

5. The engineer was on a mission in this one ‘Save the trees’ :

6. Save the bench, may be? :

7. Useless staircase:

8. Rofl, don’t ever climb this staircase:

9. No one can roll this wheel :

10. Even Daya can’t open this door:

11. Useless balcony, useless engineer:

12. The biggest engineer fail in the history :

13. Don’t climb this staircase :

14. -_- 

15. This road will take you to hell :

16. Karle Jugaad Karle :

17. Lololo; 😀

18. Now you know the reason behind the train accidents in India :

19. This one if for spiderman :

20. Hahah :

21. This one is a challenge set by engineers :

22. This one too :

23. No one can look at you pooping :

24. Poop Challenge, try to fit in :

25. Wtf :

26. Lol 😀

27. A lot of train accidents :

28. A hell lot of train accidents :

29. Save the trees :

30. Save the trees, even at the cost of your own life:

31. This is what happens when you have corrupt people in the system :

What are your thoughts about this one?
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