These 15 Most Expensive Things Bought By Famous Celebrities Are Too Much

There’s no doubt in the fact that the celebrities lives a very luxurious life, that we all dream about. From luxurious cars to super-expensive houses, these celebrities are known for their extravagant lifestyle. They spent millions just with a blink of an eye, they purchase whatever they like. Sometimes, these actors makes outrageous purchases which might look absurd to us.

Have a look at some of the outrageous purchases of some celebrities which will blow your mind :

1.Kim Basigner- Purchased An Entire Township : Kim Barsinger, purchased the entire township, in the year 1989. The oscar winning actress purchased 1,751 acres of the 2,000+ acre town for a whopping $20 million, with some investors. She wanted to transform her hometown, but her plan failed miserably and had to auction the township in the year 1995, when she faced bankruptcy.

2. Katy Perry – Bought A Ticket to ‘Space’ For Her Fiance For $200,000. :

The very popular singer, Katy Perry bought a ticket to ‘Space’ from the company Virgin Galactic on the 35th birthday of her then fiance, Russell Brand. The couple divorced soon, and no one knows if that ticket if Russell still holds the tickets with him.

3. Magic Johnson – bought 30 Burger King franchises :

The basketball player had earlier bought 300 chains of the most popular coffee brand, Starbucks but later, he sold them. However, he still holds these 30 Burger King franchises.

4. Ashton Kutcher – bought a space ticket for himself! :

While Katy Perry bought the space tickets for her fiance, this Hollywood actor bought a ticket for himself.

5. Nicolas Cage bought a dinosaur skull for $276,000 :

Well, he not just only bought the dinosaur skull but also beat Lionardo Dicaprio in buying this skull of a 67 million year old Tyrannosaurus bataar. Although it was later found out the skull was actually a stolen one thus, he had to return it back.

6. Mariah Carey – has a candy-filled room for her kids!

The millionaire couple have given their kids a very lavish lifestyle. Their kids had a seperate candyroom with a huge supply of candies. Not just this but the room also had a candy making machine, pop treats, lollipops and all sorts of sweets.

7. Celine Dion – requested a $2 million humidifier to protect her vocals!

The singer who gave the melodious song from the movie, Titanic.During her stay for three-year at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas starting from the year 2002, in order to preserve her singing voice in the harsh desert climate, the singer had installed a very expensive humidifier in a bid. Even the humidifier hung in the air, while she was giving her stage performance.

8. Paris Hilton – spent $325,000 on her dogs :

Paris Hilton built a luxurious mansion for her dogs, worth $325,000. The mansion is a two-storied high and 300 square feet mansion. It also has a balcony and a black crystal chandelier inside, and of course designer furniture as well.

9. Donald Trump – installed a gold bathroom in a jet!

Well, he is the President of United States Of America, he can do any ridiculous thing costing millions. The complete bathroom was made of gold even the toilet seat was of gold. This is the heights of ridiculousness, but he can afford it.

10. Victoria Beckham – spent $35,998 on a gold-plated iPhone :

If having an iPhone costs you a kidney, this one will costs you a complete body maybe? The established designer, Victoria Beckham spent a huge amount of money on a handcrafted phone that was made of 150 grams of 24-carat gold! Apple is very proud of this phone.

11. Justin Bieber – a $5,000 Halloween costume :

Well, we still don’t get to know what was the use of the costume, he wasn’t looking scary at all.

12. Beyoncé – spent $100,000 on gold leggings :

The most stylish, the hottest Beyonce is also in the list. She bought a gold leggings worth $100,000. She wanted to make her performance extra-special at the 2007 BET Awards. These leggings were made of real gold and costed $100,00 for drycleaning. Yes, you read that right.

13. Lady Gaga – spent $50,000 on a ghostbuster :

Because of her high fear of ghosts, Lady Gaga spends a lot on ghost hunters. Not just this, she even bough a ghostbuster for $50,000, which keeps ghosts at bay when she travels.

14.Kelly Rowland – bought Swarovski-studded bathtub for Jay-Z’s daughter :

Kelly Rowland, is the daughter of Jay-Z who bought a Swarovski-studded bathtub for Beyonce’s baby shower.

15. Bono – bought a plane ticket to deliver his hat :

Well, this is not a joke. While traveling for a charity function, he forgot his hat in London then what? Bono decided to have his hat ferried it to him immediately. Thus, paying for an expense-paid plane ticket, cab rides, insurance, and tips – just to get his hat back to him in Italy. Well, he could have bought a new one!



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