Meet The Real Life Hulk Who Claims To Be The Strongest Man In The World

If you are one of those who think Hulk is the strongest man in the world, then you definitely need to meet Arbab Khizer Hayat, from Mardan in Pakistan who is 25-years-old, weighs around 435 kg and claims to be the strongest man in the world.

Popularly known as The Pakistani Hulk and Khan Baba, he can do things that normal people cannot. He carries massive power and can easily do the tasks like lifting people with single hand, pulling a tractor by rope or lifting a car.

As per Arbab Khizer Hayat, he started gaining weight in his teens, but wanted to get into weightlifting and strongman championships. He started training his body to effectively compete in weightlifting championships and infact during a recent Japanese championship, he lifted a weight of more than 10,000 lbs.

To maintain this kind of force and energy, This Pakistani Hulk takes almost 10,000 calories in a day. His daily diet includes 36 eggs, 3 kg meat and 5 litres of milk.

Arbab Khizer Hayat is a mini celebrity in Pakistan and everyday hundreds of people visit him at his home to click selfies with him.

He now wants to gain International recognition and has set his eye at entering WWE. He has even started consulting doctors to keep his nutrition going and claims to have no physical problem despite having so much weight.

He can easily lift people with one hand can also pull tractors with a rope, with the tractor reversing at full speed.



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