10 Hilarious Photoshopped Images Never Fail To Make Us Laugh

The internet is a funny place and it would always give you reasons to laugh at the top of your voice. While some people are unnecessarily trolled, some end up being a butt of jokes due to their own selves. The world is full of such lunatics who end up making a joke out of themselves and for that nothing is as easy as Photoshop.

The easiest gimmick for such retards is to use photoshop their images in a way that they were seen posing with celebrities. The best part is that they actually assume that people would believe that! Haha! So, here are some bizarrely photoshopped images gone totally wrong.

Now that is some strong competition to Shahrukh Khan. This old is surely not gold!

That’s the ‘Desi Girl’ of Bollywood with a desi retard.

Oh! We would never get to know that this is photoshopped!

That’s the retard lover boy!

Yeah Ok!

This explains the difference between Twilight and toilet so aptly!


Only if we were that good at photoshop!

Now I am jealous I must say!

This would make Saif and Taimur really jealous of this handsome hunk.

Duh! Why do people even do all this and become a butt of jokes? Well, but then if such creeps would not exist, how would we ever get our share of laughter? These people should just keep doing all this to save us from our monotonous lives.



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