BCCI Offers Mohammed Shami Grade B Annual Retainership Contract As He Gets Cleared Of Corruption Charges

Mohammad Shami’s controversy is getting it’s new highs everyday. Everyday a new twist, a new story gets added into the controversy.

But now finally there’s some air of relief for the cricketer. Mohammad Shami has been cleared off from all the charges of match-fixing by Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). He has been given ‘grade B’ annual retainer-ship contract and is set free to play for the country and for Delhi Daredevils in the upcoming IPL season, which is all set to start from 7th April.

The clear chit was given to Mohammad Shami after the chief of Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU), Neeraj Kumar submitted his confidential report infront of the Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA).

A statement was revealed to the media, which said:

The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) had requested Mr Neeraj Kumar, former Police Commissioner of Delhi and Head of BCCI Anti-Corruption Unit, to investigate the allegations against Mohd. Shami in so far as they pertain to the provisions of the BCCI Anti-Corruption Code. Mr Neeraj Kumar has submitted his confidential report to the CoA. Based on the conclusions in the said report, the CoA is of the view that no further actions/proceedings under the BCCI anti-corruption code are warranted in the matter.”

The source added:

“For this reason, the BCCI shall proceed with offering a Grade ‘B’ annual retainership contract to Mohd. Shami,” 

Apart from this, the cricketer has shared his bank statements to prove that he has given his wife Rs.1 Lakh.

Earlier, Hasin Jahan had accused Mohammad Shami for domestic violence and for attempt to murder. She had also revealed that Mohammad Shami did not give her the rights of a wife.

“Till today, you (Shami) neither gave me the status nor rights of a wife. Except for money to run the house, I have no rights on anything. What he does, what his income is, he hides everything from me,” This is what Hasin Jahan had said earlier.

Now, to prove her point wrong, Mohammad Shami has revealed his bank statements in which it can be clearly seen that he has paid his wife Rs.1 Lakh. Here’s the copy of his bank statements that he shared:

A few days before, Mohammad Shami had also revealed that he got to know about the first marriage of Hasin Jahan after their wedding, he even took care of her two daughters.

Mohammad Shami’s uncle also opened up about the controversy and revealed that Hasin Jahan only wanted money and she used to shop for lakhs at a time. He said:

She only wished for money, shopped for lakhs every month. We told her we want to sort it out with her & her lawyer but she wanted properties to be purchased on her name immediately. She might have even got rid of Shami.”

The twitteratis are very happy with the news of the Indian cricketer returning on the field, here are some of the reactions from the twitteratis, have a look:

cleared of match-fixing allegations, to be offered Grade ‘B’ contract by

The fixing allegation against Shami is found to be wrong after investigation by @BCCI anti-corruption unit.
And he is back in Annual contract list of @BCCI under grade B.

BCCI to proceed with offering a Grade ‘B’ annual retainership contract to Mohammad Shami, no charges of match fixing (file pic) pic.twitter.com/PaPWm7TK0j

party oye.i know is clean.@BCCI thanks for this update.we will not be able to repay you. jaa jeele apni zindagi. ur innocent. pic.twitter.com/maQ2HYXxV2

Dis is complete nonsense! Do u hv any idea hw mny girls actually hv courage to show up n complain, secondly, evn d police is reluctnt n dey blame d girl (dis is nt just movie stuff) for der dress, timing, frnd circle, drinking, family bckgrnd n wht not..plz dnt b judgmntal!

NCRB Data shows reality of cases in India. is reality of today for ego , revenge and money and can not be ignored. Need to check both sides of a coin. Society has changed alot in metro’s. We have live example of

बेवफ़ाई तो यहाँ बहुतों ने किये, पर हसीन जहां जैसी कोई नहीं
😑😶 @MdShami11@ModiLeDubega

Well, we really wish that things get more clear soon very soon .

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