14 Proposals So Creative That You Can’t Say No To Them

So, it’s been 8 months. And finally you summed up all your courage to propose her. The day has come and you are still in dilemma how to propose her in the best manner possible. Yeah, we know it’s quite a hard job. No one wants to hear a no, until obviously it’s your professor saying, “No!” to the surprise test. After all, those things you did for her, the love and care you gave her, proposing a person becomes a very significant point in your life. And you want to make it memorable for both of you in every possible way.


By telling about your feelings to the other person, you can make him/her realize that you two have moved from just good friends to something more beautiful. Now, whether you are a boy or girl, there are thousands of videos and ideas on YouTube and Google on how to propose your to be soul-mate. But, copying these ideas exactly will not only make it harder to implement but you will also lose your originality. Want to hear a “Yes, I do!” Want your rating to surge from 0 to 10 on her love index. Time to wake your creative self-up and refuel your brain with new thoughts. Want some help, some inspiration, and some ideas to start from. Not to worry, we are always there. Here is a list of 14 out of the box proposals so creative that you can’t say no to them-


1. Flipbook


Kudos to this guy, if you are the one! And your artistic skills. Drawing out your imagination, your feeling and memories for your girl on a piece of paper isn’t an easy thing. But even proposing your girl isn’t that easy, right? Hard work gets the fruit, and so will you. Just get a notepad, draw your love for her and convert it into a flipbook. That’s it.


2. MapLove

Map Proposal

This guy is definitely in for some marathon. He started from a point in the city, a very well chosen point. Took his girlfriend with him. And the run ended at the point of their first date. After this, he showed her the GPS and well, that was it. Seems like beyond creative and too compelling.


3. This Even Surprised NASA!

Moon Proposal
Telescope and lens

Looks like now it’s much easier to write on the moon. This guy made moon his own textbook and wrote the message of love for her to be fiancée. Now let’s get to the details. How you can do the same? Just buy a telescope, take out its lens (no, we are not telling you to break it!), spoil the lens with the message of your love written from ink, place it back there, and done. Call your girl and ask her to see the moon. “It looks so good today.” And as soon as she will see it, obviously from your telescope, you know the answer!


4. Roller Coaster Proposal

Roller Coaster Proposal

This guy was quite a daring one with some faithful friends too. He made placards depicting the message “Lindsay, Will you marry me?” and asked her girlfriend to wait for them while they go have a roller coaster ride. And in the midst of the ride, the placards were revealed to her, she saw it and her reaction was definitely in the affirmative.

5. Rainy

Bridge Proposal

This requires that you have quite a bunch of people to help you out, including the authorities. Just  try to get a bit of info on the way your girl uses for her office. And if there is a bridge visible on the other side of the way she uses, man, you got to be lucky! Now get some umbrellas and write “Will You Marry me?” with each letter on a separate Umbrella. Ask your friends to help you out. And when she leaves for her office, and reaches at that point, just lower down those umbrellas and let her see the message. Quite elaborate but worth it

6. Farm Romance

Farm Proposal

When a farm boy meets the girl of his dreams, he came out with a rather interesting proposal. He dug his field in such a manner that it forms the “Marry me” message. And the girl can’t say no to such a sweet proposal. A win-win for both.


7. The Gamer

Gamer Proposal

Gamers are romantic too. One such gamer proposed his girl by asking her to be his player number 2. He gave her a box and kept his message and 2 rings, one for him, second for her inside it. Now, how can a girl say no to such an interesting game? The gamer won the game of hearts.


8. Coke Proposal

Coke Proposal

Another good way of proposing her is here if you are a cola addict. Just buy some coke bottles, with a customised message on each of their outer wrappings. Call your girl home, spend some quality time and ask her to bring you a coke. And let her open the fridge, and her joy would know no bounds.


9. Good Dolphin

Dolphin Proposal

Have a trained Dolphin? Live near the sea side? Perfect! Take a plastic container, write your message on it and train your dolphin to hold it in its mouth, take your girl for a romantic session of sky diving and let the dolphin come nearby. And the sight will surely let you win her heart. Still anyone doubting the intelligence of dolphins?

10. Pride And Prejudice

Role-play Proposal

Like role-plays. Then this one is for you. Take a day off from office and call your family and friends. Now, dress yourselves and others up in the costumes from her favourite book or TV series. As soon as your girl comes home, give her the matching clothes to dress up and then propose her in a way similar to as in the book. You will hear yes in no time! Just be careful while choosing the book. Good luck.

11. Pokémon Go!

Pokemon Proposal

If you and your girl love Pokémons, this is the way to go. Buy a poke ball and inside it place the message for your love along with a ring or pendent. Give it to her, and see her joy double on opening the box.


12. Custom Cards

Card Proposal
Card proposal

Creating custom cards and proposing her is a nice and simple way of proposing her. These cards are easy to get, or you can get them made from a nearby card store. Now, time for a card’s game with her. Keep deliberately these cards in her pack. And see yourself winning the game as soon as she sees your cards.


13. Not For Kids!

Kinder Proposal

Who says kinder joy is only for kids? Kinder surprise, which lets you keep customised gifts inside it, is a great way of proposing your girlfriend. Create a customised message for her, in a way as creative as you can and gift your partner the joy of kinder. Though, Americans will have to go for something different as kinder surprise banned in America.


14. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Proposal
Treasure Hunt Proposal

This seems to be one of the best amongst all. Create a treasure hunt for her. Place some clues, online and offline, on Instagram, on Whatsapp or near her home. Let her recreate the message by herself word by word, going from one place to another. Curious to know, she will decipher all these clues within no time. Ask her to meet and place the final clue where you both are about to meet. And she is sure to say “Yes!”

So, these are some of the most creative proposal ideas ever. And even if she says no, don’t get low. Keep trying and one day she is surely going to be yours. Remember, “True love wins!”

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