KRK Asks Raju Srivastav His Opinion On ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’. The Comedian Responds With An Advice For People

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif-starrer ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ has been released this Christmas and is doing very well on the box office. On the second weekend of its release, the film has crossed Rs 250 crore mark and is making its way to the Rs 300 crore club. As that happens, this will be Salman’s third film in the Rs 300 club after ‘Bajrani Bhaijan’ and ‘Sultan’.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’.TheNational

As ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ succeeds at the box office, popular comedian Raju Srivastav has taken a jibe at the film. The video of the same was posted by self-acclaimed film critic Kamaal R Khan on his Facebook page. In the video, both KRK and Raju Srivastav can be seen making fun of Salman Khan and film.

Raju Srivastav.ZeeNews

In the video, KRK asks Raju Srivastav what he has to say about ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ as the film has become a hit. To this Raju Srivastav replies:

Main bass seedha seedha logon ko sandesh de raha hu, aap footpath par kabhi na baithiye, aur agar aapka koi milne wala footpath par sota hai to usko roko. Kyunki, Tiger Abhi Zinda Hai!

A screenshot of KRK’s video.Facebook

As Raju says this, he and KRK laugh out hard. The video was posted on January 1, and is going viral on the internet. Within 24 hours of being posted, it has 77,000 views and about 3,000 reactions. Below is the Facebook post by KRK containing the video:

Actually, it has been alleged that in 2002, Salman Khan drove his car on a footpath where a few laborers were sleeping. Salman Khan’s car run over one of these laborers who got killed in the accident. But in 2015, the Bombay High Court acquitted the actor of all criminal charges in connection with the case.

Salman Khan.Bollywoodbubble

In the Facebook video mentioned above, Raju and KRK have taken a dig at the same court case. Since this court case was a popular matter, the video has gained popularity on the internet and hundreds of people have commented on it. Take a look at some of the comments below:

Many of the commentors feel that Raju Srivastav will have to pay a price for making fun of ‘Bhai’! Do you also feel the same? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!



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