Troller Trolled Esha Gupta For Skin Show. She Gave A Reply He Will Never Forget

Time and again, Esha Gupta has been trolled and slammed on Twitter and Instagram for uploading bold pictures. The moment she uploads anything, people start taunting her for skin show. Well, this is nothing new; trolls and social media go hand in hand. A slight mistake by celebrities or a slightly awkward pic upload puts them in deep mess and the same happened with Esha Gupta.



Esha’s Instagram handle has been filled with such pics, but after all, it’s her personal choice, right? Once again, the actress had to bear the brunt of these trolls, when she posted on Twitter on Air Force Day.


Since she’s the daughter of an Air Force Officer, she expressed her gratitude on this micro-blogging site, but little did she know that she would have to deal with a troller.

Here’s what she tweeted;



The tweet read, “Proud to be an airforce officers daughter.the real heroes are off the screen #AirForceDay salute to all protecting our nation”

The moment she posted this, she got massively trolled by a person;

His tweet read, “Then Why u always do skin show???? I know this is personal but imagine how it looks when a father see those kind of pics.. Have a nice day..”

He asked her to limit her “Skin-show” and told her to think of her father. This irked Esha but she preferred to give a calm and composed reply instead of getting angry on him. She said;

The tweet read, “Shit buddy, didnot realise m the reason why we need our soldiers.. dude? Your statement just opened my eyes..m awakened.”

This was indeed a mouth-shutting reply; I don’t think the troller would mess with her ever again.



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