After Pakistani Chaiwala, This Israeli Female Soldier Is Internet’s New Crush

The time has come that we should now move over from Kim Kardashian to a new Kim on the block and we assure you, she is not just beautiful but dangerous too.

This new Kim is from the same country where our Wonder Woman Gal Gadot comes from, i.e., Israel. If you are acquainted with Israel, then you must be knowing that army training is compulsory for every citizen of the country and presently, Kim Mellibovsky is serving as a soldier in the Israeli army.

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While serving the army also, she keeps posting her photos on Instagram and people are going crazy for this lady who has been tagged as the world’s hottest soldier. If you go through her Instagram account, you can see her photos in perfectly fitted army uniform in different poses and in two-piece too, raising the temperatures high. The count of her fans on Instagram is increasing day by day and it appears that the day is not far when she will be followed by millions of people.

Have a look at some of her photos:


Damn beautiful!

Men’s new crush <3

Too hot to handle!

Image Source: Instagram

She’s certainly pretty and there’s absolutely no wonder as to why she has taken the Internet to storm!!




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