11 Facts Prove That Ancient India Was More Modern Than “Modern” India

The status of women in India has degraded to ground zero you say over the period of time. The reputation and respect the women get now is incomparable to the ancient times respect or you can say that there is comparison even exists. In ancient times, women were considered much more dignified. The ancient time of India also witnessed indiscrimination in the sense of gender as well as sexual preferences of a person.



Here are the 11 facts about ancient India which will prove ancient India was much more Liberal and Modern

1. Mahabharata states that if a woman becomes unfriendly then a man should be able to control himself

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2. Sex was never restricted in ancient India

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3. Ancient India states that the integrity of hymen had nothing to do with a woman’s virginity.

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4. Sanatan Dharma surpass the gender inequality

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5. In Kalidasa’s ‘Raghuvamsa,’ dating was not prohibited

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6. Ancient India provides equal opportunities to both men and women in all fields.

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7. Manusmriti states that a woman can receive as much education as man.

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8. In the Gupta’s age, a woman could marry again

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9. Manusmriti states that a woman can marry whoever she wishes to….No honour killing like nowadays

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10. Rajashkhara said that literature has no relation with the gender discrimination.

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11. During the Vedic times, Rishikas were the women whom were followed in our culture

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From the above facts, we can easily conclude that ancient India was much more liberal, open minded . At that time a woman can marry anyone so there were no honour killings like nowadays…. No ban on sexual activities too.

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