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A farmer is forced to use daughters to plough field because of this SHOCKING reason

Another disheatening story of a farmer has surfaced the headlines after he was forced to use his daughters to plough field. A farmer who hails  from the Basantpur Pangri village, Madhya Pradesh asked his daughters to plough the field because he lacked funds to buy oxen. Sardar Barela told news….

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11 Witty Put-Downs to Dull Text Pickup Lines

Sometimes, online flirting can get annoying. On the whole, unimaginative pickup attempts meet with equally straightforward put-downs. But, occasionally, the biting replies to romantic messages prove so incredibly witty that they cause hysterical laughter instead of disappointment! It is delighted to present you with a selection of hilarious examples of failed online romance!  

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17 Parents Who Possess an Outstanding Sense of Humor

Being a parent is the hardest job in the world. However, some moms and dads not only become exceedingly good at it but manage to retain their sense of humor in the process. Today, Bright Side invites you to meet families where kids never cease to be amazed by their folks’ wit and creativity! © NotMy RealName © instagram A beard is the best gift for….

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